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A New Dawn

2017 turned out to be one great adventure for our family. . . meeting wonderful new friends who gave us supernatural favor without us requesting for it. . .being able to finish my Interior Design course a few weeks before my due date. . .the blessing of birthing a healthy baby boy in water and without pain despite my health condition. . .winning a bonggang-bonggang Mother’s Day package with a video that we shot and edited with Mishca 7 days after Zach was born. . . the healing from hypothyroidism without medication. . . being “forced” to transition to a new place where the kids can have more time in nature and hubby can work without having to leave home. . . Super nice new neighbors who love spoiling Mish and Zach. . . at may humabol pang full scholarship for a natural science diploma before the year ended! Thank you, Lord, for being so good and kind to your children. 🙂 Thank you, friends and family, for rejoicing with us. 🙂 “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”-Luke 1:47


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I want to share a prophetic word from Russ Walden that blessed me today. May it also bless you and make you believe God for all that He has prepared for you this year.

It’s a new day says the Father and A new dawn. 2018 is the day that I declare over your life IT’S YOUR TURN. It is your turn to step into what I had in mind all along for you. It is your turn to cast off the grave clothes of regret and be transformed by the reality of who I AM in your life. This is your season to experience the fullness of the YES and AMEN that I paid for in your behalf on the cross. Receive it. Lay hold with the embrace of the faith all that I have accorded you of My promise. There is no need to look elsewhere or to wish desperately for some favorable wind of circumstance to open an opportunity for things to get better. Put your foot forward and I will give you the land under your feet. Put your hand to something and I will bless it.  I am the rainmaker and the wind bringer. I am the wind at your back and the ground under your feet accelerating you from potential to manifest substance of My promise and your destiny.
This is the year that you manifest the substance of what you have hoped and believed for. This is the year that downturn and disappointment flee away and new hope, new life become the reality you walk in. Come up higher says the Father. The onramp to upgrade is before you. Come off the surface streets of circumstance, situation and the opinion of men or even your own opinion. Come out on the superhighway of My favor that is opening up before you says God. Every breath you breathe is proof of My intentionality and goodness. With every beat of your heart hope is breaking down the door of your prison house and beckoning you out to the freedom that is yours in My Spirit.
Healing is yours. Provision is yours. Fulfillment, entitlement, upgrade and God-speed acceleration are the words going out over you at My command. I bid you come. I bid you arise and come out from the catacombs of regret and just accept the thing that I am doing in your life this year. You won’t be disappointed. You won’t end in despair. Abandon all pessimism. Be that one person who accepts My word with credulity and with sacrificial obedience beyond any commitment made at any other time. My Lordship in your heart is manifesting as power and lovingkindness in your life today. You will look back in days and months to come and the only descriptor for what I am about to do as you cooperate with Me is WHAT ELSE COULD POSSIBLY GO RIGHT?
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