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The Morning Kiss

Mishca woke up late today. Upon hearing her cry, I dashed to the room to make sure she’s okay. She was still groggy when I joined her in bed.IMG_6708 (1024x683)

“How are you?”  I asked, expecting her to cry some more as it took a while before I got to her.


Instead, she smiled and  uttered, “Kiss-kiss!”


Then, proceeded to plant her lips on my cheek.


She also confided, “Mishca ‘love’ Daddy.”

We nursed and cuddled for about half an hour more before she was ready to start her day.

IMG_6714 (1024x683)


It is moments like these that make me realize we were right not to have gotten her a nanny or yaya.  Yaya, not mommy, could have gotten the kiss this morning.  It also strengthens my resolve to nurse her till she’s a hundred and one. Just kidding! –March 12, 2013

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