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MG Naturals: Organic Makeup You Can Eat

Do you know that even organic and natural makeup brands have chemicals that are harmful to your health?

Most use  titanium dioxide or CI 77891 which is a known carcinogen. Titanium dioxide is on everything including lipstick, powder and foundation. It is  very hard to find a reputable brand of organic make-up that does not have this ingredient.

That is why I was so happy to have found MG Naturals Naturals. MG Naturals CEO Kailah Shannon is a mother of 3 little girls and she made sure that her makeup for the skin, our body’s  largest organ, since everything that touches our skin goes to the bloodstream.

Her claim is that all the ingredients they use are vegan and edible so you can safely ingest the makeup. Since I am a touchy-feely mom who loves showering my little ones with kisses, this fact is well-appreciated.

I discovered this Australian makeup brand last year while preparing for a photo shoot abroad. My problem was  I only had 2 weeks before the trip when I decided to order online. I contacted MG Naturals and they assured me that my order would arrive before I leave. A week later, I got an email from the Australian Post that my package has arrived. I was impressed and quite relieved.

I have since used MG Naturals for  both a photo and video shoot and the professional makeup artists that I worked with did not have any complaints. One commented that it is as good or even better than other commercial brands. Most notably, though, is how my skin felt after using the makeup. No flareups or itching. Not only are the ingredients safe, they also nourish the skin.

Upon seeing my new order this week, my 8-year-old daughter asked to try the lipstick. Years ago I put organic makeup on her for a ballet recital without first doing a skin test. Her skin flared up and was irritated for days. This time I wised up and put some on her elbow to be safe. The next day she happily announced that her skin was fine. She can use the lipstick! Now I have to share my make-up with her. (Only on special occasions, all right, Mishca?)

My most favorite from this organic makeup line has got to be the BB cream. It is light but gives good coverage. I like it that it does not only cover blemishes and evens out my skin tone, it also protects from the sun and nourishes it through  natural antioxidants. I also like their eye shadow, which is creamier than what I am used to and spreads very easily. For someone who hates taking  lot of time to put on makeup, using this eye shadow is a cinch!

Today I brought MG Naturals to the beach. I put on BB cream, dabbed some blush, eye shadow and tried the mascara. I choose Raspberry Bliss for my lips and finished up with the loose powder.

My husband said my skin glowed, although I have been staying up beyond midnight the past days.

This is the selfie I took. I did no editing on the photo to show the how it really looked up close. Amazingly the makeup felt so light and non-greasy even in that humidity. Awesome!

Right after taking the selfie, I dove into the sea with my hubby and kids and we enjoyed riding the  big waves until it rained. And it rained hard. I expected my face to look like  mess, with the rain stinging my eyes, so I asked my husband if the mascara had run. Nothing!

When I got out of the sea, I took this photo. Again no editing was done on the photo.

Although the makeup is visibly gone and washed away by the waves and rain, I did not have to deal with mascara and eye shadow running down my very wet face.

After taking the selfie beside the pool, I accidentlly dropped my lipstick. Oh, no! There goes my new tube! Money down the pool! When I fished it out,  I discovered that since it was locked tight, the lipstick did not get wet at all. I am glad they invested in good packaging.  I just saved some me some moolah!

I really recommend this makeup brand. The only complaint I have is that, at present, they do not have a compact version for their blush and powder. The containers for the blush and mineral powder are hard to bring on trips as they spill when not kept upright. I have, however, seen in their Instagram that they are experimenting with compact cases and will soon be offering them in their online store.

Find them at,

They offer a 10% discount if you sign up for their newsletter. They also offer free shipping worldwide for orders above $95 AUD.

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