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Phases of the Moon

We went to the gate to visit some baby goats withZachary a while ago. He loves petting them.
I noticed how striking the moon was and pointed it to Zach.
“Why is the moon just half? Who ate it?” I joked.

“It’s a CRESCENT!” Zach blurted. I was surprised he knew the word. This little boy never fails to surprise us. He loves learning and is, believe it or not, self-taught.

Before he turned one-and-a-half, we discovered he knew alphabet and more than 150 Mandarin words by heart. At 2, he was reading Mishca’s Chinese book for Grade 3. This year on the first day of Kindergarten, I discovered he knows how to spell his name. A couple of weeks later, he started reading not just words but paragraphs in both English and Chinese. Our only part in this is that we provided him with flashcards, books, games and videos that piqued his interest.

“I have never used the word crescent in my life,” hubby laughed and gave a challenge. “If Zach knows what crescent moon is in Mandarin, then you go book a trip for all of us in Verona.”

I have an upcoming invitation for a retreat in Verona, Italy next year, you see.

When I asked him what crescent is in Chinese, my 4-year-old effortlessly gave an answer. I have no idea what it was. His answer sounded to me like “新月形.”

When I processed it, I realized he might be right.

“I will have to check my Chinese dictionary later, Dad, but I think Zach just said ‘new moon’ which is what a crescent moon is.”

Hubby gave a nervous laugh.

I asked Mr. Google a few minutes ago and crescent is indeed “新月形”!
So we’re ALL going to Verona. . . at least in my dreams. 🙂

Written: 11.11.21

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