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Posted on Feb 22, 2013 in Passion | 0 comments

Advertisement She was the unloved wife. By virtue of being the older daughter, Leah was married off to a man who was in love with her...

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Prince Charming. . .

Posted on Oct 26, 2009 in Passion | 0 comments

Advertisement Little girls dream of being swept off their feet by prince charming. This is carried on into adulthood, where young women...

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35 things I learned at 35

Posted on Sep 10, 2009 in Life | 4 comments

Advertisement Yes, I celebrated my 35th birthday last July. I can’t believe it myself. My dear husband whisked me on an island...

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No Longer Two, But One

Posted on Apr 3, 2009 in Life | 2 comments

Advertisement Groggily, I managed to creep to the bathroom this morning to find a flower and note on the toilet seat. Only then did it...

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Posted on May 22, 2008 in Life | 0 comments

Advertisement   I have formed a new habit: checking out the glittering ring on my left ring finger—a half-caratsolitaireset on white and...

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The Christ of Christmas

Posted on Dec 24, 2005 in Passion | 0 comments

Advertisement This poem perfectly encapsulates my thoughts about Christmas. May it help bring back the wonder of season into your life!...

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Tell Him Where It Hurts

Posted on Nov 6, 2005 in Life, Uncategorized | 2 comments

Advertisement Whoever said church was boring must have never gone to Victory Christian Fellowship. This morning I was given the...

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Heart of the Matter

Posted on Jul 26, 2005 in Life, Uncategorized | 9 comments

Advertisement C.S. Lewis presents a very compelling reason to thaw a heart in deep freeze: “To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love...

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Jesus and Brad Pitt

Posted on Mar 3, 2005 in Passion | 0 comments

Advertisement Photo courtesy of the Gladiator website  &  JC Gomez  Pause with me for a while and think of this question: What...

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A Confession

Posted on Dec 6, 2004 in Life | 1 comment

Advertisement Photo: Moonlight Over Taal (5-4-04) This morning I received a text message from a distressed friend. “You know,” she...

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LifeLine Magazine: Breaking the Cycle of Betrayal

Posted on Jan 22, 1998 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Nurse and reflexologist Vicky Yao tells Lifeline how she survived a broken marriage.

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