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The Wonders of Cloth Diapers

Did you know that cloth diapers can be beat disposables in terms of comfort and dryness? Do you know what type of cloth diapers is best  for baby?


Little Pipu Slide for Website1 (Medium)With Clothes

Two babies later my husband and I are still quite impressed with our cloth diapers. We never expected this lowly cloth diaper to top disposable diapers in terms of its ability to make our baby feel comfy and dry even at night.

The diaper’s inner surface which touches the baby’s skin stays dry even when the baby has had a major weewee. We often have to go to the back of the diaper to touch the microfiber insert or soaker to be sure the baby has wet himself. The polyurethane backing holds liquid in place, preventing spillage. So the baby and the bed stays dry. Just remember not to iron the diapers as this will destroy the water-proofing.

More than that, we only have no problems with sizing as it grows with the baby. The adjustable buttons takes it from the newborn phase to the toddler years. I am glad because baby is growing up fast and at 2 months old is wearing clothes meant for 9-12 months. Our daughter used her diapers until she was 3 and Zachary has since inherited them.

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Here are some of the benefits of cloth diapering:

*No diaper rash

*No harmful chemical exposure for the baby

*More hygienic than disposable diapers

*Easier on the budget

*Machine washable

*Can be passed down to the next child


*Plenty of colorful and stylish designs to choose from



We have tested all kinds of cloth diapers from fleece, bamboo to hemp and cotton but the one that stays the driest are cloth diapers with POLYESTER inner surfaces, which is the also the cheapest kind. We noticed that it becomes even more absorbent the more you use it.


In terms of soakers or inserts, make sure to choose those that are  generously sized and fluffy to prevent leaks. My choice is microfiber polyester inserts or cotton. Hemp and bamboo just does not absorb as well.

And an important tip: Remember to prewash the diaper 3 to times to increase absorbency.

I was so happy with cloth diapers that I created my own brand four years ago. Little Pipu diapers have been well tested for 3 years by our eldest and comes with a generously sized microfiber insert. You can purchase Little Pipu Reusable Cloth Diapers at and we are offering a 10% discount on online purchases when you sign up on the website.

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  1. yes! thanks, this is sooo sulit. we are still using our little pipu diapers, and we have used the same ones for 9 years!!1! (since Bibliorganics started sellng it) Really recomend this for Babies.

  2. Thanks for the reccomendations! hope every baby can use this diaper!

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