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Baby for Sale?

Photo: Baby for sale at a supermarket in Guangzhou, China!


Strange sightings during my recent trip to HK and China for a TV shoot for a Chinese documentary show. . .

. . . A caucasian mommy who put her baby on the conveyor belt of the baggage x-ray counter at the PAL Centennial Airport. Whether out of ignorance, confusion or exasperation, I don’t really know. Good thing the vigilant airport attendant caught her before the baby had a full-body x-ray even before turning a year old . . .

. . . A Filipina domestic helper at the HK airport holding a tightly-sealed purple paper bag. Upon inspection by this inquisitive Filipino baggage checker (who kept humming a South Border song), we found out it was nothing illegal. It’s just pritong dalag, folks! Fried fish that went through customs and immigration. . . Only a Filipino could think of bringing that!

. . . This baby sleeping soundly inside a shopping cart. Doesn’t the photo make you want to ask the supermarket clerk what section or aisle you can get a baby as cute as this one?

Happy New Year!


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