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Blessings Asia Website: God Still Heals the Deaf

As a segment producer for the 700 Club Asia, my responsibility is to scout for stories during the medical mission. One of my most unforgettable stories happened in Negros Oriental. During the first day of our mission at a barangay called Guba, deep in the hinterlands of Negros, I met a lady named Rosita Onding who was hearing impaired. I saw her at the counseling area along with her sister while I was making my usual rounds. When she spotted me, she pointed to her ear to tell me that she had difficulty hearing. At that point, I was burdened to pray for her, but since she was already at the counseling area and a counselor was scheduled to talk to her, I chose to ignore the impulse.

When I went to another area of the mission site, I saw Rosita again, this time seated under the shade, watching some children play. She pointed to her ears and in halting Visayan told me that she could not hear well. “Umuugong, parang may helicopter,” (There’s a ringing sound, like a helicopter.) she described. I looked at her ashen countenance and did the one thing I knew would help—I prayed for her. Touching her ears, I asked God to restore her hearing. She was quiet the whole time, probably not knowing how to respond. After the prayer, I tried to convince her to get herself checked by an Operation Blessing doctor because I learned that she still hadn’t done so. She thanked me and left.


An hour later, I saw her again, this time with her sister. When I asked if she had already seen the doctor, her sister told me that she still hadn’t. Upon further questioning, I learned that because she couldn’t hear well she didn’t know that the consultation was free. Her sister and I began convincing Rosita to go to the doctor, with her sister telling her in Visayan that this was a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” That was the last I heard from Rosita that afternoon.

A day later, we went to another site a few hours from Guba. Since I was having a problem with the video camera, my cameraman and I arrived at Malangsa late in the afternoon. I rushed to the counseling area, where the miracles usually occur. As I watched the counselors pray for people, I noticed that a lady at the far end of the room was staring at me. Feeling self-conscious, I stared back and it dawned on me that the lady was Rosita. Her face was glowing, like oil was poured on her head and she was smiling. I went straight to her and heard the wonderful news—she could now hear!

To verify if it was indeed a miracle, I took her to Dr. Meshelle Butoy who checked her condition the day before. Dr. Meshelle diagnosed her condition as a probable case of Meniere’s disease, which affects the inner ear. Moreso, Dr. Meshelle said that hers was more of a psychological condition because the ringing in her ears started when her child figured in an accident some years ago.

Dr. Meshelle attested a miracle had indeed taken place. “I thank God because I believe it really is a miracle [kasi yun nga] for her to be healed that fast. It’s like [ano lang eh], just how many hours [lang] from yesterday. Hindi kuha ng antibiotics yun (antibiotics can’t do that.),” she explained. But Rosita and her family didn’t even need the doctor’s confirmation. They were fully convinced that God had supernaturally healed Rosita. “Sabi ng mga anak ko, makarinig na si Mama! Ay, magpasalamat tayo sa Diyos,” (My children said, ‘Mama can now hear! Let’s thank God.’) she exclaimed. Rosita is living proof that the Jesus who healed the deaf and the blind when He walked the earth more than two thousand years ago still heals people today. And all He asks is that we believe.

–by Jennifer Yap Caspe

From the “Blessings Asia” Website,

July 2003


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