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Mommy Is Staying Home!

Motherhood changes you like nothing else can.

Having kids challenged me to live healthy. I wanted to inspire other young families to do the same so I received training as a natural health consultant and established Bibliorganics (, a company that distributes organic condiments, anti-radiation products, organic sanitary products, health supplements, and a colorant- and fluoride-free natural toothpaste called Proteq. These products are now in natural food stores and major supermarkets like Robinsons, Merkado and online through Lazada and Shopee.

Having Zach and Mish also gave me the desire to produce content that will show my kids how special they are in the eyes of God so I started Kid StarMaker Media Products ( We make US-licensed personalized books, music albums and cartoons with your child as the star. We recentry partnered with Metrodeal and US company Mediak to give our clients more selections at affordable prices. I have also released a series of heartwarming and inspirational children’s books that point to God’s purpose for their lives.

It has been such a fun journey for me and the best thing is my kids are my number #1 customers and marketers. In fact, Mishca has been helping me name, test, and market our products since she was 2. (Yes, she was that aware and conversant even as a tiny toddler!)
There is one dream I had earlier on which was borne of a wish that, like me, all moms can stay home with their kids. I know deep down, if economy and circumstances will allow, all moms have this desire. I want to inspire, train, and give young moms the opportunity to work from home and have more time with their kids. I call this dream the M.I.S.H. INITIATIVE. Mish is my firstborn’s nickname and it is the fitting name for this endeavor as M.I.S.H. stands for Mommy Is Staying Home.

“MOMMY IS STAYING HOME!” Try telling that to your kids and watch their eyes sparkle.

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