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The New Superbook Airs on GMA 7:30 AM every Saturday starting June 1

It has got to be the most excellent cartoon series we have ever seen. Mishca, Michael and I woke early last May 27 to go to the screening of  Superbook in Robinsons Galleria. Michael and I grew up watching Joy, Chris and Gizmo and their adventures in Bible land.  This beloved children’s cartoon  made God’s word come alive to us. Now  we could now watch the new  Superbook in 3D animation with our 2-year-old daughter.  We were not disappointed. . .  We had goosebumps all over while we were watching Moses’ story entitled “Let My People Go.”  It was such a visual and auditory treat that we lingered in the theater even after the screening was over. It made us  appreciate our faith even more. This cartoon is set  capture the hearts and minds of kids around the world.

Superbook,Mishca and Me

                                   Mishca and mommy at the Superbook Screening in Robinsons Galleria last May 27

                                                                               Photo by George Calvelo  of NPPA Images

The new Superbook is produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network and it premieres around the world this year. And get this: the Philippines has been chosen as  the first country outside the US where it  will be  shown. We are the first country to see it on national TV.  It airs every at 7:30 AM every  Saturday on GMA starting June 1 (today).

It took a very talented group of producers, animators and directors more than 5 years  to craft this 3D animation.  Animators who worked on Disney’s Brother Bear and the X-men collaborated and took painstaking effort to make sure Superbook communicates the Bible accurately to this new generation of kids. Gordon Robertson, the former host of 700 Club Asia ( my awesome  former boss),   is the executive producer and his team spared no expense in the making of this 3D cartoon.


The Making of the New Superbook


Excellent story lines, cool visual effects and very engaging music. . . If you are looking for a cartoon that will impart good values and  teach your child to love the Lord  then tune in to SUPERBOOK every Saturday at 7:30 am  on GMA.

Let your kids play wholesome online games and know more about the cartoon series by logging on to


One of the  theme songs is still playing in my mind as I write this. . .

 “Jesus, change my life and let me live for you. . .Jesus change my life and make it new, and help me Lord to live for you. . . ” 

May it be the theme song on this new generation. . .

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  1. Hello,i really love this closing song “you change my life and make it new”,where can i get,where can i download a copy of that song? your reply will be highly appreciated,thanks!

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