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I saw Jesus & the Rapture! Urgent Message. . .

Posted on Dec 20, 2020 in Passion | 0 comments

Scott is a simple person who was minding his business mowing lawns for people when God gave him a shocking vision and an urgent message....

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What does God think about the Corona Virus?

Posted on Mar 22, 2020 in Passion | 0 comments

Never in our life time have we faced a pandemic of this proportion. What is God’s take on the COVID-19? Is this the beginning of the end? Do not miss this inspiring video of Sid Roth with seasoned prophets Tracy Cooke and Emma Stark. What God has revealed to them can change your outlook and perhaps your life. . .

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Love In A Soup

Posted on Jan 24, 2019 in Everyday Bliss | 0 comments

I had a rare, rare time alone with God at a quaint restaurant  at lunch today. The place had a very relaxed vibe. It was refreshing to...

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How God Healed Me of A Leaky Gut and Hypothyroidism

Posted on Dec 13, 2018 in Passion | 0 comments

Is anything to hard for God? Can God heal chronic diseases like hypothyroidism and leaky gut?

The answer is resounding YES!

This is my story.

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Dinosaurs in Heaven

Posted on Dec 11, 2018 in Everyday Bliss | 0 comments

“Mommy, can you be with me?”  Mishca asked. She was watching a video for Science class  and the topic, she shared, scared her....

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Do You Want to Go to Hell?

Posted on Jul 7, 2018 in Passion | 0 comments

He died and went to hell and saw people, even Christians, suffering there. This is a life-changing account.

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V Day!

Posted on Feb 14, 2018 in Everyday Bliss | 0 comments

This is our 10th Valentines together! The more time passes the more I am realizing how wise God is for choosing Michael to be my husband. When I was younger, I have always wondered why God chose us to be together. Eventhough we share the same faith, we seemed worlds apart.

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Fish Feeding Frenzy

Posted on Oct 18, 2017 in Everyday Bliss | 0 comments

We have spent two consecutive days feeding koi fish early in the morning. It is quite relaxing watching the fish with my two little ones.

Today we learned that the manong caretaker feeds them three times a day with 5 kilos of fish food.

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My Little Miracles

Posted on Aug 3, 2017 in Everyday Bliss | 0 comments

​​Celebrated Zachary’s third month and Mishca’s conception day today…
As I looked at the vast ocean before me this afternoon,

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Of Angels, Birthday Trips and Caterpillars  

Posted on Jul 15, 2017 in Passion | 0 comments

How many times has God protected us from untold dangers without our knowing? Here are some examples in my own life.

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A Glimpse of Eternity by Ian Mccormack

Posted on Sep 22, 2015 in Passion | 0 comments

Ian Mccormack had an amazing encounter with Jesus Christ in heaven and lived to tell about it.

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Visions of Heaven and Hell

Posted on Jul 31, 2015 in Passion | 3 comments

Do you believe that heaven and hell exist? IF THE WORLD WERE TO END TODAY, DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU WILL GO? This is the personal account of Sarah Boyanga who saw visions of heaven and hell. She saw Michael Jackson and Amiy Winehouse suffering in the fires of hell and in heaven met a sister she was not aware of who died before she was born.

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Cross the Red Sea With Me

Posted on May 8, 2015 in Passion | 0 comments

The Red Sea parting: Is it real or just a story used to entertain kids in Sunday School? Here is a compelling 17-minute documentary with...

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Posted on Mar 3, 2015 in Everyday Bliss | 0 comments

  Dinner. Mishca asks about heaven and hell. Mishca: “Why we need to tell people about Jesus?” Mommy: ” We need to...

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In Awe of God

Posted on Feb 9, 2015 in Everyday Bliss | 0 comments

It is only in nature that I come to realize how big God is and how small I am. Then, it dawns on me how great He truly is for even minding...

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TV: Confessions of a Former Satanist

Posted on Apr 2, 2014 in Directed by Jenn | 1 comment

This is the story of Elwin Legaspi who dabbled with dark forces and almost lost his soul. Watch how God saved him from his destructive...

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The Gift You Most Desire

Posted on Apr 7, 2013 in Passion | 0 comments

What are you dreaming about? What is your greatest desire? Why not let God in on it and let Him surprise you?

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Your Temple

Posted on Mar 14, 2013 in Passion | 0 comments

Have you ever had one of those nightmares where your teeth fell off? I have had several and they always send shivers down my spine.

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The Revealer of Secrets

Posted on Feb 23, 2013 in Passion | 0 comments

God holds the future and He can tell you just what He has planned for you. This is the story of how God told us that we were to become parents, even before we took a pregnancy test.

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Posted on Feb 22, 2013 in Passion | 0 comments

She was the unloved wife. By virtue of being the older daughter, Leah was married off to a man who was in love with her younger and more...

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The Secret to Eternal Youth

Posted on Feb 22, 2013 in Passion | 0 comments

My daughter just turned a year old two months ago. As young as she is, Mishca is already an “expert” in teaching me how to live a life that pleases God. Let me tell you what she’s taught me so far.

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Posted on May 22, 2008 in Life | 0 comments

  I have formed a new habit: checking out the glittering ring on my left ring finger—a half-caratsolitaireset on white and yellow gold...

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The Christ of Christmas

Posted on Dec 24, 2005 in Passion | 0 comments

This poem perfectly encapsulates my thoughts about Christmas. May it help bring back the wonder of season into your life! Heaven is Here:...

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Tell Him Where It Hurts

Posted on Nov 6, 2005 in Life, Uncategorized | 2 comments

Whoever said church was boring must have never gone to Victory Christian Fellowship. This morning I was given the opportunity to sing...

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Posted on Mar 27, 2005 in Passion, Uncategorized | 2 comments

Have you ever pinned your hopes on something only to watch it die? Have you ever felt the pain of losing a dream, something you’ve wanted...

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Jesus and Brad Pitt

Posted on Mar 3, 2005 in Passion | 0 comments

Photo courtesy of the Gladiator website  &  JC Gomez  Pause with me for a while and think of this question: What physical attributes...

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Posted on Dec 15, 2004 in Life | 0 comments

Photo: Me in Harbin’s Songhua River, China (8-15-04) I can’t sleep.I feel I am standing on the edge of my destiny.After...

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A Confession

Posted on Dec 6, 2004 in Life | 1 comment

Photo: Moonlight Over Taal (5-4-04) This morning I received a text message from a distressed friend. “You know,” she confessed, “I don’t...

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The Dog That Followed Me Home

Posted on Nov 11, 2004 in Life | 4 comments

It was one of those days when you wake up feeling that life’s passing you by, and try as you might, you just have no control over it....

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